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FPS Survey of Site Investigation Reports

In a survey of over 220 projects awarded between July and September 2006 FPS members found the site investigation to be so poor that in a third of cases optimum piling or ground improvement solutions could not be provided. The survey found the following:


  • The most basic of information was frequently missing;
  • Twenty percent of piling contracts had no borehole;
  • In nearly 60% of cases there was inadequate topographical information;
  • Rarely was a proper geotechnical Desk Study undertaken;
  • In more than half of the projects surveyed environmental concerns dominated the investigation at the expense of the geotechnical element which was often compromised or absent;
  • Information freely available was often not passed to the contractor (in 17% of contracts borehole location plans were not provided, rendering useless any borehole information).


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Documents Available

pdf fileFPS Survey of Site Investigation Reports

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