Rig Bearing Pressure Spreadsheet Workshop


Time to event


27th Jun 2024 12:00




The Federation of Piling Specialists have produced an excel based spreadsheet tool to assist with the estimation of track bearing pressures from piling rigs working on granular working platforms.

Structural Engineers should use this document and guidance to provide the piling contractor with the information they need in order to produce a cost-efficient, appropriate design. If information is not provided in this format, there is significant potential that the resultant piling scheme will far exceed the need for the project.

This one-hour webinar, hosted by Derek Egan from Remedy Geotechnics, will talk participants through the spreadsheet and explain how to use the tool correctly using worked examples. Attendees will be required to watch a training video prior to the live webinar that will take one- hour. Further details will be provided following registration.

Derek will provide live coaching to participants and ensure that the correct approach is taken when using the tool.

The workshop is free to attend for company members and associate members of the Federation of Piling Specialists. There is a £95 + VAT charge for non-members to attend.

Please note – if you cannot attend the workshop you must give 72 hours notice for us to find a replacement. Non- members who register, do not attend the webinar and do not give 72 hours notice will be required to pay the full fee of £95+VAT.