How to become a member of the FPS

In becoming a member of the FPS you are joining an association committed to excellence and quality. The first stage to joining the Federation involves verifying the quality of your expertise and processes across a range of areas through an independent audit. Once you have passed your audit you will be reassessed every three years to ensure you continue to maintain FPS standards. On application to join, you will be required to commission the initial audit from us. You will need to submit relevant documentation for your company and processes. The auditor will then visit your premises and sites to assess your performance across five key areas:

  • Technical ability
  • Quality management
  • Safety
  • Environmental
  • Training

Our pass marks are set high, so we allow prospective and current members to be re-audited on up to three areas once areas of weaknesses have been addressed. The final stage is to meet with the Executive Committee, to confirm you will be an active participant in the FPS and adhere to FPS policies and principles.


Active membership

Once you have become a member, you will be expected to play an active role in the Federation. Our value comes through the members being active in the decision-making of our committees and attending our events. It’s mandatory that you engage with and attend meetings of the Safety and Training Forum and we encourage you to play a part in the quarterly Members’ Meetings. You will also have to submit quarterly statistical returns for the numbers of orders received and the accidents that have occurred.  We also require our members to attend the FPS social events (Summer Ball and Annual Dinner) as well as specific training and other events.

For further information contact Ciaran Jennings at fps@fps.org.uk.