Sustainability Series: Low Carbon Concrete in Piling

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23rd Jul 2021 12:00


1hr 30mins

The UK is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. But how do you achieve this on a geotechnical construction site?

This webinar, the second in the Federation of Piling Specialists Sustainability Series, sees four expert speakers from the special foundations industry discuss the key drivers for decarbonisation, showcase successful case studies and investigate the different technologies and materials available on the market.

This webinar also discusses:

  • What is perceived as low carbon?
  • What technologies exist for the piling industry to use?
  • How can the piling industry work to develop low carbon technologies?
  • The sustainable and economic benefits of Cemfree concrete

Presenters for the seminar include Heleni Pantelidou, Associate Director at Arup, Stuart Norman, Managing Director at Keltbray (Piling), Andrew Mullholland, Consultant at AMCRETE and Andrew Waghorn, Operations Director at Murphy Ground Engineering.


Decarbonisation Transition: A Consultant’s Perspective

Heleni Pantelidou, Associate Director at Arup

Heleni provides a short overview of the trends around decarbonisation from policy, clients and projects, describing the issues consultants are grappling with but also the opportunities we can work on together.

What is Low Carbon Concrete?

Presented by Andrew Mullholland, Consultant at AMCRETE UK Ltd.

Andrew’s presentation unpacks what is perceived as low carbon, the different technologies that are available, how to navigate through the standards and what opportunities exist for the piling industry to use and participate in developing low carbon technologies

Cemfree: Low Carbon Concrete for Piling and the Low Carbon Concrete Within Aggressive Ground (LOCOWAG) project

Presented by Andrew Waghorn, Operations Director at Murphy Ground Engineering

Andrew’s presentation demonstrates the sustainable and economic benefits of Cemfree concrete in conjunction with confirming its engineering performance in live ground engineering works during the LOCOWAG project. Andrew encourages other ground engineering companies, especially those within the FPS, to consider and implement more sustainable materials via the sharing of best practice. Andrew is also keen to support the wider adoption of Cemfree concrete in multiple applications within the construction industry and through key J. Murphy and Sons Ltd. infrastructure and civil engineering projects.

Earth Friendly Concrete – Permanent Works Use for piled foundations

Presented by Stuart Norman, Managing Director (Piling), Keltbray & FPS Environmental Sustainability WG Chair

Stuart’s presentation sets out the Engineering process adopted ahead of the first ever use of an AACM for permanent works within piled foundations at the Canada Water project.

It focuses on the route through the codes adopted together with frequently asked questions encountered by clients and Engineers alike relating to the use of Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC).

Insight is given into the costs, value and embodied carbon savings made for this UK first so that others may swiftly follow.


Stuart Norman
Managing Director (Piling), Keltbray & FPS Environmental Sustainability WG Chair

Stuart is a Chartered Engineer and became a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 2018. With over 20 years experience in the design, estimation and management of piling projects he is one of the leading lights in the deep foundation and construction industry. Stuart is the current Chair of the FPS Environmental Sustainability Working Group.

Heleni Pantelidou
Associate Director, Arup

Heleni is an Associate Director at Arup, leading a team of Infrastructure engineers in London. An enthusiastic promoter of Low Carbon in Infrastructure, Heleni advances and coordinates sustainable design and whole life carbon strategies on infrastructure projects and the built environment. She combines her deep engineering knowledge with the belief that the construction industry is key in decarbonising the built environment and contributing towards environmental regeneration, responding to the climate and biodiversity crises.

Andrew Mullholland
Consultant, AMCRETE UK Ltd

Andrew is a Chartered Construction Manager and a member of the Institute of Concrete Technology. Andrew regularly lectures to the Chartered Institute of Building, reviews papers for the ICE and works with Concrete producers, clients and Contractors advising on concrete related investigations and solutions. Andrew’s company, AMCRETE UK Ltd, continues to work on carbon reducing strategies for clients that include Network Rail and is considered as an expert in the field of piling concrete.

Amcrete UK is a member of Low Carbon Concrete Group (Chair) established by Green Construction Board which is led by UK Government (Department of Business, Energy, Industrial Strategy). Low Carbon Concrete Group is currently developing the industry routemap for low carbon concrete.


Andrew Waghorn
Operations Director at Murphy Ground Engineering

With 20 years’ experience within the piling industry covering a variety of roles internationally Andrew is now leading a passionate team of piling professionals motivated to incorporate progressive thinking and innovation within Murphy Ground Engineering. Their involvement with LOCOWAG and Cemfree aligns with the Murphy Group carbon strategy of achieving a 50% net reduction in CO2emissions over the next 5 years to 2026 (J Murphy & Sons 75th Anniversary) and is key to delivering performance metrics set as part an overall environmental sustainability strategy.