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Bauer Visit for FPS Early Careers Group

The Federation of Piling Specialists’ (FPS) Early Career Group (ECG) has been invited to Bauer Equipment UK’s facility, to learn more about the equipment which Bauer Maschinen GmbH can offer the industry.

The event, which is being held 12th August 2021, will be a combination of both presentations and actual demonstrations to ensure that attendees get a real feel for the equipment. The day has been designed to give attendees a much closer experience of a selection of equipment used in piling operations, in an environment where this can be undertaken safely.

This opportunity will ensure attendees from all roles can learn about the variety of tools available to the market. This is an important consideration, as the equipment configuration will vary depending on the ground conditions and the scope of works.

A presentation focused on drilling technologies will provide attendees an insight into what information BG rigs can provide to their operators, and the key data which can be used for pile records in the future.

This event marks the first ‘face-to-face’ session for the FPS since February 2020 – Pre-COVID – and will be an opportunity for ECG members to hear from both Julia Hill (ECG Chair) and Laylee Eftekhar (ECG Vice Chair) about the plans for the group moving forward.

For more information contact: contact FPS@fps.org.uk