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FPS’ David Major Presents at EFFC Conference

David Major,  Founder of The Federation of Piling Specialists’ (FPS) Early Careers Group (ECG), has spoken recently at the DFI/EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement, which was held 18 – 20 May 2022 Berlin, Germany.

David’s presentation was titled ‘How to maximise Early Career Engagement’ a TED-talk designed to engage with the delegates to make them think about how allowing greater early career involvement into companies and our industry could strengthen them.

From a look at the historical challenges of the ground engineering sector, such as its nervousness to embrace the views of those developing their careers, to how this lack of inclusion has discouraged new talent from entering the industry, David looked at how these must be overcome if the industry is to move forward. In particular, how addressing these issues can help create a sustainable and forward-thinking ground engineering industry and that an inclusive mindset will ensure new diverse talent is not only attracted to the industry but is retained allowing for all voices to be heard.

David talked also about the remarkably successful FPS Early Career Group initiative, which supports emerging talent within the piling and geotechnical sector and owes much of its success to the engagement and dialogue between its members, where they network and share experiences. How companies can support Early Career employees was also explored and what they should be looking to expose them to was explained.

David then touched upon what the sector can offer new talent, and why the piling and deep foundations industry is extremely rewarding and attractive to young people. Using his own experiences and what he has gained from the industry, David illustrated the many career paths open to post-graduates within an industry that offers a surprising number of options and possibilities, allowing those beginning their career journey a pathway almost unique to them.

The presentation was a great opportunity to showcase the work that the ECG is doing, as well as offering support to its European colleagues in understanding the benefits of early engagement with those looking to the piling and foundations as a career.