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FPS Early Careers Group Presents to Bath University’s Architecture and Civil Engineering Society

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) Early Careers Group members David Major and Julia Hill were recently invited to deliver a talk to Bath University’s Architecture and Civil Engineering Society, an event which took place during the evening of 18 February 2021. The presentation was well received, with students attending to learn about the ground engineering industry.

Starting with an overview of the industry, the presentation moved on to discuss ground investigation methods, design considerations and how a project is planned, before looking in detail at the types of projects that FPS members are involved with. The session then looked at how technology is integrated into the industry.

Of particular interest to the audience was what the geotechnical industry can offer as a career, and the presentation explored this topic in some detail, looking at potential career paths available. How students could engage with the FPS was also covered.

The Q&A session that followed the main presentation saw questions on how technology will change the industry moving forward, design responsibility as a contractor and the liability that piling contractors are exposed to and can existing piles be reused in projects moving forward. Students also asked about what unique design considerations we think about in the UK, such as slope stability, coal measures etc. In fact, the Q&A session, which took over 30 mins of the entire presentation, highlighted just how well students engaged with the subject.

The Chair of the society closed the event by thanking the FPS Early Careers Group presenters for making ‘ground engineering sound fun’.