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FPS Establishes Learning & Development Forum

Headed up by the Federation of Piling Specialist’s (FPS) John Chick, the FPS has established a Learning and Development Forum, to encourage its members to help define their training needs for now and the foreseeable future, and to help write these training programmes.

Depending on the level of input from membership, these programmes may span everything from training pump operatives, supervisors, rig operators and geotechnical designers.

Specifically, the FPS is looking for a clear and structured career path, facilitated through training programmes which are recognised across the industry. Formal training and assessment, proven by a tangible record of attainment is essential to demonstrate a potential career path exists.

Against an encouraging background of governmental promotion of apprenticeships and reforms to the role of the CITB, the future for training and development for the piling and foundations industry has not been brighter. In short, learning and development will constitute three stages (Training, Endpoint Assessment and Quality Assurance) delivered by three independent bodies.

To start the process the FPS is looking to understand what training and development is provided by its members at present, and what training is required. This will provide the essential gap analysis to enable a start to be made on the definition of training courses. This must be construction training rather than say Leadership, Excel, and First Aid etc.

The gap analysis work is being led by John Chick – Business Leader of Expanded Geotechnical and the small working group will be contacting members to gather information. For further information please contact fps@fps.org.uk