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FPS Launches Guidance Documents

The Federation of Piling Specialist’s (FPS) Digital Progression Group has released a suite of essential guidance documents, offering vital insights into digital advancements in the construction industry. These documents address various aspects of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital workflows, reflecting the industry’s evolution from early BIM adoption to present-day digital maturity.

Key documents include:

  1. How can BIM help solve industry problems? – Updated to reflect current standards and practical experience.
  2. BIM Introduction and Workflows – Explaining BIM’s role in enhancing project efficiency through digital technology.
  3. Digital Capability – Covering compliance with digital standards and the digitization of information management.
  4. Implementation of Digital Workflows – Showcasing successful case studies and potential improvements in digital tools and workflows.
  5. BIM Software Guidance – Providing a general guide on BIM software solutions for effective project management.


These documents serve as a valuable resource for industry professionals, offering guidance and best practices to leverage digital technologies for improved efficiency, communication, and quality in construction projects.

The documents can be downloaded here: https://www.fps.org.uk/guidance/digital-constructionbim/#accordion1