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FPS to Speak at GE Sustainability Conference

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is pleased to announce its Chair, John Chick and Dimitrios Selemetas, Chair of FPS Sustainability by Design Working Group, have been invited to speak at the Ground Engineering (GE) Sustainability Conference 2023, which is being held 21st September, at America Square Conference Centre, London.

John and Dimitrios will be presenting ‘Advances in thought, design concepts, plant, materials and social sustainability’, which will also include a discussion of the recently launched FPS Sustainability Charter, as well as a brief review of recent advances in piling plant and its operations, which are helping to reduce the carbon impact of ground engineering projects on site.

The Federation has formed a Sustainability Working Group, which has distilled the vast subject of sustainability by design into three main subject areas which will be described in detail. Design and concept ultimately drive the true carbon cost and sustainability of a project. Avoiding overdesign by understanding factors of safety, definition of SLS for pile settlement, foundation re-use and truly understanding materials limits are essential to progressing the sustainability of projects in the ground. These design considerations ultimately open opportunities for the use of new materials in permanent works, such as low carbon concrete and alternative reinforcement.

The subject is broad, so many of these subjects may only be touched upon, whilst others will be explained in depth, but the FPS will give a lively and enlightening presentation, to show progress to date, and where the FPS believes that the industry is heading.

Supported by the FPS, a discount of 15% has been negotiated for FPS Members wishing to attend: https://sustainability.geplus.co.uk/sustainability/en/page/attend#about-the-event