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Reinforcement Suppliers – New FPS Associate Membership Category

The FPS is pleased to announce that it is widening its Associate Membership category to include reinforcement suppliers.

The initiative has followed an approach form several reinforcement suppliers, seeking some form of engagement with the piling sector through a membership with the FPS; in order to work towards a number of common goals such as continuous improvement in safety, quality, and professional standards.

In response the FPS has created a bespoke audit process to address the challenges around how reinforcement should be supplied, and the quality of standards held.

Through Associate Membership with the FPS industry issues, including inconsistencies in what and how people order and specify can be addressed as well as conversely, tackling some of the issues that reinforcement suppliers have with the piling sector.

The first reinforcement supplier has already undergone the audit process, with other suppliers being approached shortly.

This is tremendous news for the piling industry and the reinforcement suppliers and demonstrates just how close the shared goals of each sector are.