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Rig Bearing Pressure Spreadsheet Update & Webinars Announced

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) has updated its Rig Bearing Pressure Spreadsheet, available hereRig Bearing Pressure Spreadsheet 3.0 – and a number of workshops have been organised to support its use.

Developed by the FPS to assist with the provision of Pile Design Schedules, the spreadsheet should be used by Structural Engineers to provide the piling contractor with the information they need in order to produce a cost-efficient, appropriate design. If information is not provided in this format, there is significant potential that the resultant piling scheme will far exceed the need for the project.

The webinars are one-hour in length and will be hosted by Derek Egan from Remedy Geotechnics who will take attendees through the spreadsheet, with a detailed explanation of how it should be used correctly with many worked examples.

The workshops are free to attend for company members and associate members of the FPS, with a £95 + VAT charge for non-members.

To book Thursday 22nd September: 12pm-1pm – 1 space available – https://www.fps.org.uk/events/rig-bearing-pressure-spreadsheet-workshop-7/

To book Thursday 13th October: 12pm-1pm – 10 spaces available – https://www.fps.org.uk/events/rig-bearing-pressure-spreadsheet-workshop-8/

To book Thursday 24th November: 12pm-1pm – 15 spaces available – https://www.fps.org.uk/events/rig-bearing-pressure-spreadsheet-workshop-9/