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FPS Issues Safety Alert Raising Awareness of the Dangers of Poor Working Platforms

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is reminding piling companies to ensure that Working Platforms for rigs have been properly risk assessed, following a number of reports from its members that they are being asked to work on inadequate platforms.

FPS Chairman, Jim De Waele, said: “It is concerning that as the economy improves, FPS members are increasingly reporting arriving on-site only to be met with a poor, or even no working platform; and this is extremely worrying.
It is thirteen years ago when FPS Members passed a resolution agreeing not to commence work on any site unless a properly completed Working Platform Certificate had been issued. Since then, thankfully, the number of incidences of rig instability involving FPS members has declined significantly.

However, now that we are witnessing an upturn in work, we must not forget the lessons of the past. We feel it right to raise awareness of this important and extremely safety critical issue, to the wider piling community and not just within the membership. We would also urge Clients and Principal Contractors tempted to cut corners with such a safety critical area to consider the implications and to not put pressure on the piling contractor to work under such circumstances.”

FPS members rely on the industry to provide a safe working environment and insist this is confirmed by way of a properly completed Working Platform Certificate.