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The FPS Piles into BIM Establishing Dedicated Working Group

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) has initiated a programme of activity designed to help its members embrace Building Information Modelling (BIM) and at the same time establish a set of standard formats for information that can be used by both members and members’ clients to facilitate process and interoperability of systems and software.

FPS BIM activity was kick-started in February of this year, with a series of presentations from key industry figures [John Roberts, Design Director & Chair of Atkins’ Structural Network; Malcolm Stagg, UK Head of BIM at Skanska; and Ivor Barbrook, BAM Nuttall’s Head of BIM], who sought to bring together the differing views of BIM, its benefits and highlight the pitfalls of approaching it without a clear and coordinated plan. Lively discussions and debate highlight areas of concern for members and key areas for the FPS to address and support its membership over the coming year.

Mark Pennington, Chairman of the FPS Technical Committee, said: “The construction sector as a whole is often accused of being slow to adopt BIM technology, but certainly within the FPS there is a drive to change. BIM is a transformative industry technology, which is why following the initial presentations and subsequent discussions the FPS has established a BIM Working Group. This Group, which will lead the FPS’ programme of BIM activity, will bring together members with and without direct BIM experience to develop a joint framework and schedule of guidance, as well start the process of compiling a basic library of images and associated data for use by both members and members’ clients.”

Mark added: “FPS members are at different stages on their BIM journey, and the BIM Working Group aims to provide guidance and examples to members, clients and the supply chain of the benefits and advantages that can be realised adopting BIM. The importance and value of BIM cannot be underestimated and the FPS is committed to helping its members adopt this new technology and take advantage of the benefits it brings.”