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Engineer your Early Career

The Federation of Piling Specialists’ (FPS) Early Careers Group (ECG) was set up to directly support those during the early stages of their career within the piling and geotechnical sectors, and those looking to the industry as a possible career.

The success of the ECG has been tremendous, attracting not only those already working within the construction sector, but has been able to extend its messages about the opportunities and rewards of the sector to younger people yet to decide on their career path.

Against this backdrop the ECG is looking to expand its reach further and is therefore looking for enthusiastic individuals within the early stages of their career to play an active part in the initiative. Being a part of the ECG, you will be able to network with your industry peers, attend committee meetings, share knowledge and ideas, promote engineering in educational institutes, develop your skills and attend CPD events, webinars, and other virtual events.

Specifically, the ECG is looking for likeminded people that want to learn and develop, contribute to the piling industry, but also promote geotechnical engineering within schools and higher education. The ECG has already presented to students at Bath and Southbank Universities, and feedback was tremendous. As a result, the ECG is looking to connect with more higher education institutes, as well as secondary schools, through building links with lecturers and teachers.

Young people are faced with so many career choices and options and all are competing for their attention. By highlighting construction, or more specifically, the piling and geotechnical sectors to students, they will understand it can be an interesting, rewarding, and dynamic career choice. As part of the ECG, you can support this and other exciting strategies too.

The ECG offers a great opportunity for its members to make a real difference and if you think you can contribute to the group and are enthusiastic about geotechnical engineering, please get in touch. Contact the ECG chair at Julia.hill@roger-bullivant.co.uk