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Flexible Working Works!

Timewise, the flexible working consultancy, who worked closely with the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) on the viability of flexible working, has published an update from its ‘Construction Pioneers’.

The update, which is available to read here [https://timewise.co.uk/article/making-construction-a-great-place-to-work-one-year-on/], concludes that “flexible working is continuing to be a success story for all four firms involved in the trial. They have rolled out and built further on the learning from the programme, with no detrimental effect on budgets or timelines and with plenty of positive impact on staff well-being and performance.”

The FPS through its members helped support this programme, looking at obstacles, solutions and overall benefits flexible working offers employers and employees in the construction sector.

You can read about the project the FPS undertook with Timewise and its guidance here:  https://www.fps.org.uk/news-views/news/fps-publishes-guidance-for-flexible-working/