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FPS Concrete Forum 2024 – Full Programme Released

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is pleased to announce the availability of the full programme for the eagerly anticipated FPS Concrete Forum 2024. Set against the iconic backdrop of City Hall, London, this event promises to be a watershed moment for the ground engineering and concrete sectors.

Co-chaired by industry leaders John Chick (FPS Chair and Business Leader at Expanded Geotechnical) and Steve Hadley (Ground Forum Chair and Central Piling), the forum is designed to transcend traditional technical discussions. It aims to foster a collaborative environment where the brightest minds in our field can share ideas, innovations, and solutions that will shape the future of concrete technology.

A Convergence of Ideas and Innovations

The FPS Concrete Forum 2024 isn’t just a meeting; it’s a convergence of ideas and innovations with the singular aim of envisioning and realising a sustainable future for concrete use. The event will see us delve into pressing topics such as the complexities of concrete structures, sampling and control, low carbon solutions, and future challenges facing our industry.

Our distinguished speakers and panellists, each a leader in their respective field, will share their knowledge and insights, promising not only to inform but to transform our approach to concrete and its applications.

Who Should Attend?

  • Clients, looking to reduce the carbon impact of their developments.
  • Consultants and Specifiers, keen on understanding on-site challenges.
  • Geotechnical and Structural Designers, seeking deeper insights.
  • Contractors, aiming to integrate more closely with concrete suppliers.
  • Concrete Suppliers, exploring ways for supply chain smoothing and introducing innovations.

This forum represents a critical juncture for our industry—a time when our decisions, innovations, and collaborations can significantly impact both our planet and its people. Attendees will leave with new perspectives, inspired by discussions that promise to reverberate throughout the concrete sector.

Join us for a day of engaging talks, productive exchanges, and collaborative learning as we chart a path towards a more sustainable, innovative, and efficient future for the concrete sector.

To register, visit: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=_CzKr5vNqkibzKZc6x5A01VO7eeJABxNiGaP6y4BPUlUMVE5QkZPNFdSVUtGN1BENEc2NTJJQzhRUC4u&wdLOR=c281C2B81-5F6D-BF47-B422-B1CAC0D28CD5  (REGISTRATION CLOSES 7 FEBRUARY 2024).

To view the event programme, visit: https://www.fps.org.uk/content/uploads/2023/09/FPS_ConcreteForum_2024_Programme_low-res.pdf