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FPS Early Careers Group Bristol University Presentation

The Federation of Piling Specialist (FPS) Early Careers Group Chair (ECG) Julia Hill and Faye Dandy presented to students at the University of Bristol, on 29 March 2022, at its Wills Memorial Building.

The presentation, hosted by Eilidh Sligo, the employability consultant for the careers service, commenced at 12pm and was extremely well attended, attracting students undertaking either Geology or Environmental Science from different year groups.

The presentation opened with an introduction to the FPS ECG and the presenters and was followed by a brief explanation as to what ground engineering entails, as most students were not familiar with this sector.

The next part of the presentation went on to detail what a typical working day looks like within the piling and geotechnical industry and reasons why students should consider pursuing a career in the sector. The many and varied career pathways available to students were discussed, with advice on setting yourself up for a career in the piling industry. The Ground Forum Mentoring Scheme was also highlighted and discussed, and how the students would benefit from the initiative whilst at university.

Overall, the presentation was a success and well received, with fantastic engagement from the students that attended. The event was also a good opportunity for students to make industry connections that will aid them in the future, as well as highlighting the opportunities that are available to them, if they do decide to pursue a career in the piling industry.