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FPS Supports Apprenticeship Degree

When it comes to understanding the piling and geotechnical sector, there is no real alternative to hands-on experience. Coupled with class-room study, real-world experience counts, which is why the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is pleased to lend its support for the development of a degree apprenticeship in Engineering Geology, in conjunction with the University of Portsmouth, and which is a degree course that is already being supported by a number of FPS Members.

In addition, and equally welcome, is Birmingham University’s interest in developing a degree apprenticeship in Geotechnical Engineering. The FPS is looking to attract the same level of support as for the Portsmouth course to aid in its development. Help is required in the broad development of the course, including what FPS members believe should be included, what direct support is available and what sort of numbers of apprentices members are likely to commit to.

Both courses will be extremely useful in training the next generation of piling specialists, and there is genuine enthusiasm for the course, especially as it mixes the academic with practical experience on site – real-world experience that is so important. These courses are a great route into the piling industry, but importantly, also see students paid for their participation, rather than facing the prospect of amassing debt that works to deter entry rather than encourage.
Contact the FPS via email for more information or details how you can be involved. FPS@fps.org.uk