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Keynote Address to be Delivered by FPS Chair at GE Piling & Foundations Conference 2024

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is pleased to announce that its Chair will deliver the keynote address at GE Piling & Foundations Conference 2024, being delivered on 23 April, at the America Square Conference Centre, London.

Titled ‘State of the Nation: Where are we today and what does the future look like over the next five years?’, this highly anticipated keynote will offer an insightful analysis of the status and future prospects of the piling and ground engineering sector.

The FPS Chair will delve into the most pressing challenges facing the industry today, shedding light on the innovative practices and technologies poised to shape its future. This forward-looking address aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape of the sector, identifying both opportunities and potential obstacles.

A significant focus of the keynote will be on the dynamic shifts in various sectors. The FPS Chair will examine which areas of the industry are experiencing growth and which might be seeing a decline, offering a nuanced perspective on the current market trends. This analysis will be particularly insightful for stakeholders looking to align their strategies with the shifting demands of the industry.

Additionally, the address will highlight the government’s priorities and their implications for the piling sector. Understanding these priorities is crucial for industry players to anticipate policy changes and adapt their business models accordingly.

The keynote will also include a question-and-answer session, allowing attendees to engage directly with the FPS Chair. This interactive segment promises to enrich the discussion, providing attendees with the opportunity to clarify their queries and gain deeper insights into the subject matter.

As the industry stands at a crossroads, grappling with both challenges and opportunities, this keynote address by the FPS Chair is a must-attend for professionals seeking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit: https://piling.geplus.co.uk/2024/en/page/home.

This event is an invaluable opportunity for professionals in the sector to gain a comprehensive understanding of where the industry stands today and what the future holds.