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FPS Technical Committee Update – January 2024

During a recent meeting, the FPS Technical Committee discussed critical topics like concrete blowing out during piling operations, sustainability efforts and Eurocode 7 updates.

Concrete Blowing Out Technical Group: We’re actively seeking volunteers with practical knowledge on this issue to join our working group. Your expertise can make a significant difference in improving safety.

Sustainability: Our focus is on carbon reporting, and we’re working towards having everyone report on carbon by the end of 2023/middle 2024. We’re also involved in upcoming conferences to promote sustainability in our industry.

Eurocode 7: A draft of the new Eurocode will be out shortly for public consultation; the FPS are fully engaged in the process and are currently organising in anticipation of participation in various working groups.

Re-use of Piles: There are exciting developments in this area, including the possible formation of a working group to establish an FPS position on the subject. It once again reflects the industry’s desire to achieve net zero targets.

Working Groups: Various working groups are making progress on topics such as Crosshole Sonic Logging, efficient reinforcement detailing, sustainability by design, working platforms and Digitisation. We’re open to suggestions and collaborations including the FPS early careers group in these areas.

FPS Audit: We’re launching a new audit process, starting with Central Piling and Van Elle in 2024.

Upcoming Events: Don’t miss the EFFC DFI Conference in Bruges in May 2024, where we’ll be discussing ‘Geotechnics reimagined and of course or very own Concrete Forum in 22nd February 2024.

If you have any suggestions or want to get involved, feel free to reach out to the FPS or email fps@fps.org.uk