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FPS Calls for Greater Main Contractor Awareness of BIM’s Application to Below Ground Construction

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is calling for greater client understanding of the utility and benefits of BIM with respect to its application to below ground construction – specifically piling and substructure.
The move follows feedback from a recent survey it undertook looking at the impact of BIM on the piling and substructure industry, in which an overwhelming (81.82%) confirmed its beneficial impact, yet also found little call from clients for its application.

Speaking about the findings Mark Pennington, leading the FPS’s BIM Working Group, said: “Great progress has been made in recent years with regards to BIM and its adoption into all areas of construction, however, there is still much to be done in widening its application to below ground construction techniques such as piling and foundation works.

He added: “The understanding of digital construction must evolve so that BIM users recognise that it does apply to all construction areas including piling.”

The FPS, as part of its BIM activity is raising awareness at all client levels of its benefits in regard to its member’s services and activities, but recognises that a wider understanding is still needed of its application across all construction, especially piling and substructure.

Over the coming months the FPS will be looking at ways of engaging further with clients to ensure the benefits of BIM, with regards to piling and foundation works, are more widely recognised and utilised. In particular the FPS is working with the AGS Data Management Committee to investigate the possibilities of using the AGS format for piling information. This would provide a platform for the transfer of piling design and construction information in a digital format.