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Safe use of Concrete Pumps – Update Published

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is pleased to announce that its “Best Practice Guidance Pumping Concrete to Form Piles” has been updated and is available to download FREE from the FPS website.

The ‘2021 Revision’ is the product of a working group of five FPS members and a technical specialist from Camfaud pumps, who looked to simplify the document to better reflect how the piling industry has evolved in recent years and, in particular, how safe working practice with pressurised concrete lines has also changed.

The guidance continues to supplement the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) Good Practice Guide ‘Safe Use of Concrete Pumps’ (September 2013) and provides sector specific guidance.

As with the guidance it replaces, the update document is deigned to be used in conjunction with the relevant legislation and guidance to ensure the safe pumping of concrete to form piles. It also provides guidance associated with pumping concrete from the concrete pump to the point of discharge into the pile and provides guidance on the maintenance of; plant and equipment, the concrete pipeline, cleaning the pipeline, dealing with blockages within the pipeline and arrangements for wash out water.

Speaking about the guide, Steve Hadley, Chair of the FPS said: “This updated version of the FPS’s ‘Best Practice Guidance Pumping Concrete to Form Piles’ builds on the original document, published in 2013, taking into account new and revised methodologies, standards, and procedures. It really should form an essential ‘how-to’ for anyone involved in the pumping of concrete and want to understand and mitigate risk.”

To support the document, the working group has also drafted some best practice ‘quick reference guides’, which include a series of basic process maps, to managing obstructions and blockages.

The document can be downloaded here: https://tinyurl.com/2p9carry