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FPS Launches CPCS Pilot Scheme

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS), working together with CPCS, is pleased to announce the launch of a new “Provisional Card”, which will help overcome the problem the piling sector faces, namely that key elements of required training are not suited to training centre environments, due to the high cost and environmental impacts associated with installing piles that cannot then be removed.

Working with its supply chain, FPS members have established simulators (similar to those that pilots train in) in which trainee operators can obtain training and familiarisation with operating a piling rig.

The NEW Yellow Provisional Card will allow the holder to gain the practical skills and experience they need operating piling rigs ‘On-Site’, having completed the HS&E Operatives Test, Level 1 Award in Simulation (Simulated Piling Rig, Min 70 Hours), achieving the simulated “end test”, and achieve A CPCS Theory test in relevant Category (e.g. A48 Piling Rig Bored > 20t).

Speaking about the new Yellow Provisional Card, FPS Chair Steve Hadley said: “This new Yellow Provisional Card will be a game changer for the piling industry, not only allowing training to be completed on-site under strict supervision, but also supporting the FPS’s and CPCS’s efforts to address the skills shortage within the piling sector.

“Whilst this is only a pilot involving FPS members, subject to feedback and ‘lessons learned’ it is envisaged that the scheme will become formalised, adding an extremely useful and cost-effective training route to those looking to become piling rig operators. Longer term it is hoped it will pave the way for similar schemes for other specialist plant items such as demolition equipment or concrete pumping equipment.”

The Provisional card meets the CLC requirements endorsed by CSCS & the PSRO and is valid for 6 months, allowing sufficient time for supervised operator experience to take place and achieve the CPCS Practical test, which will then allow the existing CPCS red & blue card routes to be followed.

Guidance will be made available by the FPS in conjunction with CPCS to give support to clients, contractors, and employers on the scheme and the control measures that should be put in place by the employer in terms of Risk Assessments Method Statements associated with this process.